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Web sites such as twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Delicious can help promote your website

What is social networking and social bookmarking?

Many of the current hottest prospects on the internet, the so called web 2.0 sites, are generating millions of hits daily by utilising the phenomenon of user generated content. Many of these sites are where friends post information about their daily lives and keep in contact with each other. The most popular of these over the last few years has been Facebook, which also now joined by the relative newcomer, twitter. In addition there are also a number of sites which are just dedicated to bookmarking users favourite web sites, such as Mixx, StumbleUpon and Delicious.

Each of these sites allows users to create their own bookmarks of favourite sites, or to list the web sites they are looking at to pass on to their friends. Links from these sites do give some small boost to search engine presence, but this is not the main objective. The fact that it encourages more users to come to the site makes social bookmarking an additional advertising strategy. By creating a useful site full of content a user would like to read and pass on to their contacts.

The simple message is, the more places your can get your site listed and seen by potential users, even if it does not specifically give a boost to your page ranking, the greater the chance of someone seeing your link and clicking on it. Social networking is the equivalent of word of mouth advertising.

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The twitter phenomenon.

The social networking site that has had more press than any other over the past months has been twitter. Twitter encourages users to write short messages about anything they feel is important to them. When you register with twitter, you can also register your home page URL. By choosing a useful keyword username, backed up by your web address, you can gain an additional useful link. Twitter works by users gaining followers. Your followers then receive every message you post. The posts can contain information and business messages directly to your followers. You may even include a link to your web pages. Unfortunately twitter encodes links to many individual pages, does not allow you to specify the anchor text, and also contains no-follow tags in every link. However, if you have followed correct naming strategy for your directories, and have a keyword rich domain name and pages, your links will appear with your chosen keywords, and your followers will click on your links. We have found genuine increases in traffic directly from twitter. Please follow us on twitter. Go to for a feel of how we use this twitter.


Mixx is possibly the most useful of the social bookmarking sites from an SEO persepctive as links on Mixx are more likely to be indexed by Google and other search engines. You can follow our Mixx account here: littledetails Liverpool SEO at Mixx.

Social networking in the workplace.

Many companies frown about the use of such social networking sites by their employees during company time, however, by allowing some use of social sites, but insisting they also take some time to promote your company web pages, you can come to a compromise. By having a policy of encouraging employees to actively promote your pages, you can encourage more web brand loyalty, and can gain valuable exposure for your site. For example, you may allow your employees to open a twitter account, containing links from their username to your web pages, but which they can access on company time. Provided they make one link back to your pages per session, and they keep a fair use agreement, you can gain valuable extra exposure, and keep your employees happy at the same time.

Many websites provide the social bookmarking links directly on their page. This encourages visitors to bookmark your pages. To see how this works, see the bottom of our pages! And don't forget to bookmark us!

Our social networking and bookmarking services.

In all cases the process of social networking and bookmarking is a manual one. The sites are designed to prevent automatic bookmarks appearing with the use of spam checkers and other sorts of measures. Therefore each and every post of this kind must be done by a real person. This is also one of the advantages of this system, the content can be far more reliable for users than a search engine that uses spiders and robots combined with ever changing algorithms to determine relevance for the users.

Through our network of associates and employees we have developed a system of regular social networking posts and bookmarking. We can provide you with a business related login to the social networking sites, and regularly post your business related content and promotions. We can provide as much or as little social bookmarking on various sites as you require. If you have a mobile version of your site we also have a mobile bookmarking service.

Please contact us for more information about our social bookmarking services and get your web site inside our regular social bookmarking system.

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