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Twitter SEO Tweetinar 20th January - Social Networking

SEO seminar 20th January 2010 #tweetinar

The following posts were due to be twittered live on the littledetails Twitter account from 6pm GMT on January 20th 2010 direct from the Liverpool SEO seminar at The Ship and Mitre, Dale Street, Liverpool. However a technical problem with the actual presentation meant the #tweetinar could not be completed ready to be twittered live, and so this #tweetinar presentation was first broadcast on Wednesday January 27th 2010 at 2pm GMT.

  1. Welcome to the SEO #tweetinar live from 2pm on Wednesday January 27th 2010.
  2. SEO #tweetinar: The topics covered today will be the SEO basics of Social Networking.
  3. SEO #tweetinar: Part one. Web 2.0. (sorry about using this term. urgh..., we prefer the term Social Networking!)
  4. SEO #tweetinar: The World Wide Web was initially developed to allow academics an easy way to share data. Anyone could post information.
  5. SEO #tweetinar: The web became a useful resource when hypertext links were developed allowing any document to link to any other.
  6. SEO #tweetinar: What is web 2.0 (social networking)? What are the main websites used by everyone on a daily basis?
  7. SEO #tweetinar: We all use web 2.0 sites on a daily basis. Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Linkedin.
  8. SEO #tweetinar: Web 2.0 is any website that is a template for the users to upload, write and create the content.
  9. SEO #tweetinar: Web 2.0 is not new, but the way we use it as a social medium to connect with friends is an unexpected development.
  10. SEO #tweetinar: The term web 2.0 is unnecessary as the web was created by Tim Berners-Lee as a place for anyone to add to.
  11. SEO #tweetinar: Part two: User generated content.
  12. SEO #tweetinar: User generated content is anything uploaded or posted on any website by the users to be seen by others.
  13. SEO #tweetinar: Google is a website search engine that indexes and lists any web page it finds in keyword searches. FREE!
  14. SEO #tweetinar: Yahoo is a directory that lists websites in categorised lists. FREE! (But does allow paid reviews!)
  15. SEO #tweetinar: YouTube allows anyone to upload and view any video. FREE!
  16. SEO #tweetinar: Twitter allows anyone to post messages and information, so called microblogging. FREE!
  17. SEO #tweetinar: Linkedin allows anyone to post a business profile and make connections to other users. FREE!
  18. SEO #tweetinar: Part three: Using web 2.0 (from now on called social networking) to promote your business.
  19. SEO #tweetinar: Optimise or Socialise? Where should you focus your online promotions and presence?
  20. SEO #tweetinar: Optimise or Socialise - Sales. You still need a website to capture data, sell and generate ad revenue.
  21. SEO #tweetinar: Optimise or Socialise - Video. Uploading videos to YouTube is an advantage over hosting on your own server...
  22. SEO #tweetinar: Continued... YouTube video is listed with keywords and often appears high in Google Searches.
  23. SEO #tweetinar: Optimise or Socialise - Blog. Twitter is a micro blogging system used by millions for real time updates...
  24. SEO #tweetinar: Continued... Twitter is ideal for real time information and special promotions, provided you have enough followers.
  25. SEO #tweetinar: Optimise or Socialise - Blog. Wordpress is an ideal way to quickly add Google friendly content to sites...
  26. SEO #tweetinar: Continued... Wordpress also allows user feedback, the beginning of your own user generated content.
  27. SEO #tweetinar: Optimise or Socialise - Bookmark. Quick bookmarking links can be added to any page. Mixx, Reddit, Delicious etc.
  28. SEO #tweetinar: Optimise or Socialise - Network. The two main sites we use are Linkedin and Facebook.
  29. SEO #tweetinar: Optimise or Socialise - Network. Facebook allows anyone to keep in contact with friends via text and pictures...
  30. SEO #tweetinar: Continued... Facebook also allows fan pages for any subject, some generating millions of followers...
  31. SEO #tweetinar: Continued... Facebook fan pages are advertised by some companies in national TV advertising.
  32. SEO #tweetinar: Optimise or Socialise - Network. Linkedin is the business to business equivalent of facebook...
  33. SEO #tweetinar: Continued... Linkedin allows businesses to source and recommend others via its network connections.
  34. SEO #tweetinar: Part four: Host your own networking hub. Ideally, become your own web 2.0 Social Networking site.
  35. SEO #tweetinar: As a business owner you know your own industry. Become the expert in your field.
  36. SEO #tweetinar: Become the resource on your subject. Write a blog. Actively encourage users to ask questions of you...
  37. SEO #tweetinar: Continued... Ask customers to leave feedback. Host a forum and encourage users to post to comments.
  38. SEO #tweetinar: Finally, take every opportunity to network online, connect with everyone via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc.
  39. SEO #tweetinar: Conclusion. Thank you for viewing our #tweetinar on Social Networking.
  40. SEO #tweetinar: The full text of our presentation can be found here:
  41. SEO #tweetinar: The full list of our twitter #tweetinar posts can be found here:
  42. SEO #tweetinar: Tune in next time for more SEO tips. Use @littledetails for any questions or comments on todays #tweetinar.

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