Twitter SEO tweetinar on Affiliate Schemes and Google Adsense
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Affiliate Schemes and Google Adsense Twitter SEO Tweetinar 3rd March 2010

SEO seminar 3rd March 2010 #tweetinar

The following posts were twittered live on the littledetails Twitter account from 6pm GMT on March 3rd 2010 direct from the Liverpool SEO seminar at The Ship and Mitre, Dale Street, Liverpool.

  1. Welcome to the SEO #tweetinar live from 6pm on Wednesday March 3rd 2010.
  2. SEO #tweetinar: The topics covered today will be Affiliate Schemes & Google Adsense.
  3. SEO #tweetinar: Part 1. What is an affiliate scheme? How do Online Affiliate Schemes work?
  4. SEO #tweetinar: Affiliate schemes place advertisements on third party websites.
  5. SEO #tweetinar: Affiliate advertisements carry a 'tracking code' specific to each individual affiliate.
  6. SEO #tweetinar: Clicks usually set a tracking 'cookie' which remembers the affiliate on later visits.
  7. SEO #tweetinar: How do I become an affiliate?
  8. SEO #tweetinar: There are several websites which run ad serving programs on behalf of many different companies.
  9. SEO #tweetinar: Example ad servers include: Commission Junction, DoubleClick & Zanox.
  10. SEO #tweetinar: Joining an ad server gives access to many different companies, products and services.
  11. SEO #tweetinar: Eg Zanox has: Orange Expedia Santander Opodo Amazon Sky Kodak Ugg... and more.
  12. SEO #tweetinar: You must select ads to suit the design and content of your web pages.
  13. SEO #tweetinar: Text only links, buttons and banners in any size, full pages, search forms...
  14. SEO #tweetinar: Adverts generally send users to the main sales pages... but...
  15. SEO #tweetinar: Deep linking allow specific & individual product pages to be pre-selected.
  16. SEO #tweetinar: This allows highly optimised sales pages on your own website to maximise your revenue.
  17. SEO #tweetinar: Commission is generally paid on completed sales, not leads or clicks.
  18. SEO #tweetinar: Commissions range for a few pence up to hundreds of pounds for individual sales.
  19. SEO #tweetinar: Payment will generally be made to you one calendar month in arrears.
  20. SEO #tweetinar: You must meet a minimum monthly amount before payment is released.
  21. SEO #tweetinar: Commission is carried over to the next month if minimum is not reached.
  22. SEO #tweetinar: Part 2. Google Adsense.
  23. SEO #tweetinar: Adsense is Google's affiliate scheme, but differs from other schemes in two main ways.
  24. SEO #tweetinar: 1. With Adsense there is only one version of affiliate code, rather than hundreds.
  25. SEO #tweetinar: 2. Google Adsense is Pay Per Click (PPC)!!
  26. SEO #tweetinar: Google actually automatically matches ads to the content on each individual page.
  27. SEO #tweetinar: Ads displayed are therefore very relevant to your users, no matter what your subject.
  28. SEO #tweetinar: Shapes and sizes can be selected, and colours customised for your website however.
  29. SEO #tweetinar: Each time an ad is clicked, the advertiser pays Google for the individual click.
  30. SEO #tweetinar: A portion of the payment is paid as a commission to the Adsense affiliate.
  31. SEO #tweetinar: Individual click commissions range from a few pence to a few pounds.
  32. SEO #tweetinar: One extra feature from Google: Search for Adsense
  33. SEO #tweetinar: Adsense affiliates can host a Google search box which pays commission on sponsored links.
  34. SEO #tweetinar: Click through rates can be as high as 10 to 20%, very profitable for the website owner!
  35. SEO #tweetinar: Part 3. Our Affiliate Schemes.
  36. SEO #tweetinar: SEO & web design affiliate scheme.
  37. SEO #tweetinar: We pay a 10% commission on all completed sales.
  38. SEO #tweetinar: Commissions are paid on all products & services for the lifetime of the customer.
  39. SEO #tweetinar: Apply only via the website. Full details:
  40. SEO #tweetinar: Dorrington Commercial Mortgages Affiliate Scheme.
  41. SEO #tweetinar: We pay a 100 commission for each successful mortgage application.
  42. SEO #tweetinar: Apply only via the website. Full details:
  43. SEO #tweetinar: Conclusion. Thank you for viewing our #tweetinar on Making money with your website.
  44. SEO #tweetinar: The full text of our presentation can be found here:
  45. SEO #tweetinar: The full list of our twitter #tweetinar posts can be found here:
  46. SEO #tweetinar: Tune in next time for more SEO tips. Use @littledetails for any questions or comments on todays #tweetinar.

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