SEO Seminar Presentation on Social Networking and Bookmarking
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SEO Seminar Presentation - January 20th 2010

SEO Web Seminar
January 20th 2010
The Ship and Mitre

Part One: "Web 2.0"

Urrgh. Sorry about using this term.

What is the World Wide Web?

When the World Wide Web was first envisaged by its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee it was designed as a way for academics to pass on and share discoveries and data quickly and easily.
Anyone could post documents and information.
And, with the web address of a document anyone could read any information posted on the internet, and it became a useful resource with a simple click to take you to any document.

What is web 2.0?

Please name some of the websites you use on a daily basis.
We all use web 2.0 sites every day.

What is web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is any of the dynamic websites that form a template for the users to upload, write and create the content.
User generated content!
Web 2.0 is nothing new. The world wide web was designed to allow anyone to upload content.
Although most of us are not academics, all of us have a need to network and communicate.

Yahoo and Google?

Yahoo and Google were the first and most successful web 2.0 sites.
Yahoo was a an attempt to list every one of the 300 or so websites in existence by placing all of them in categorised lists making all sites easy to find quickly.
Google was an attempt to automatically index and present every single web page in existence when keywords relevant to the document were searched for.

Part Two: User Generated Content

What is user generated content?

Part Three: Using web 2.0 to promote your business.

Optimise or Socialise - Sales?

Even if you are using social networking sites to promote your business, you will still need a point of contact for users. You still need your own website.
For example a business related email address is always needed.
Sales pages are best hosted on your own website.
Google Ads cannot be used on social network sites.

Optimise or Socialise - Video?

Video content uploaded to YouTube contains keyword rich descriptions that are often indexed more quickly than standard web pages, and with the page rank of YouTube the videos often appear high up in keyword searches.
You can host video on your own site, but YouTube will probably be a better option from the search engine results aspect.

Optimise or Socialise - Blogs?

Twitter is a micro blogging system which allows anyone to post comments and news in real time. Followers receive your updates as soon as they happen. Ideal for breaking news and one off promotions.
Wordpress is a free blogging system that is installed hosted on your own web server. Easy way to add content to a site that is also very search engine friendly. Feedback can be left by your users thereby increasing your content at no cost in time and effort.

Optimise or Socialise - Bookmark?

Any web page can have social bookmarking icons and links added, which allow quick and easy inbound linking to that page.
This is useful for both your users who can add the web page to their own bookmarks easier, and to begin the process of search engine promotion on your own pages.
Mixx, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg, Delicious etc all provide genuine text links to your pages.

Optimise or Socialise - Network?

Linkedin is the business to business equivalent of Facebook. It encourages users to connect to other individuals and networks via their connections and build up a wider network of contacts via personal recommendations.
Facebook is the most used of the social networks, but mostly by the under 30s. Many companies are actively promoting via Facebook, even before their own website.

Part four: Host your own networking hub

Be the expert in your field.

As a business owner you know your own business.
Become a resource. Write a blog. Actively encourage users to ask questions of you. Ask satisfied customers to leave feedback.
Host a forum or similar on your subject, and allow anyone to post to your site. Your users provide the content with no effort from you....
And you have succeeded at web 2.0!

Use every networking opportunity.

See tonight as the first step in increasing your network.
Make sure you have a note of every attendee's Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin profiles.
We will have a list of attendee's posted on in the next few days.... use the list to make contact.

SEO Web Seminar
Thank you
Simon Robinson - January 2010

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