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SEO Seminar Presentation - April 21st 2010

SEO Web Seminar
April 21st 2010
The Ship and Mitre

Improve Google Ranking with search engine friendly content

Inbound links...
Are the only way to improve your Google Ranking.
But, without a useful website, you cannot get links.
SEO is actually a very simple process:
Create lots of content...
To encourage lots of inbound links...

Part One: Preparation

Search engine friendly web pages.

"Every web page should work for a living."
Web pages should be constructed to encourage search engines to index all of the words on the page, and to recognise which are the key words and phrases...
...and we must look at the HTML code at this point too... sorry...
What makes a web page search engine friendly?

A few head area dos and do nots:

Do use a meta description, other meta tags are ignored by search engines and add complication.
Do not write CSS or JavaScript in the head area. Most JavaScript should be deleted as it adds nothing, eg. image swap for links... (pet hate!)
Do include CSS and JavaScript as external linked files.
Do use a correct Doctype declaration.

Correctly constructed head area:

A descriptive keyword rich title tag:
<title>Make this something significant</title>
An expanded keyword rich meta description:
<meta name="description" content="describe the page fully here to encourage users to click on your page, as this is often shown on Google's results pages">

Correctly constructed body area:

Continue the keywords in an h1 header tag:
<h1>Include the keywords in a header tag</h1>
Write your main text using correctly formatted paragraphs, with strong highlighted keywords:
<p>This is the main part of the page that will be <strong>indexed by Google</strong> and read by your human visitors too. Write lots of text content.</p>

Continue creating the page:

Introduce lower sections with h2 or h3 headers:
<h2>Give pages a hierarchy of headers.</h2>
<p>And give heading tags some text to <strong>add context</strong> to them.</p>
Give every image an alt description:
<img src="image.gif" alt="always describe images for search engines and humans alike" />

Search engine friendly web sites.

Give every page a descriptive URL (web address):
Link to every page with a keyword rich text link:
<a href="a-page-of-unique-text.html">A page of unique text</a> is behind this link.
All pages must have unique keyword rich titles:
<title>Do not duplicate your page titles</title>
plus... unique meta description, text, images etc... (Check using Google Webmaster Tools)

Be descriptive with your pages:

Make every page URL (the web page address) and page title keyword rich and descriptive.
Where possible, include that page's keywords in the URL and title, but keep titles human friendly.
An example, from
URL: seo-keyword-rich-unique-content.php
Title: Unique content creation to target longtail keyword searches

Part Two: Content pages

What are content pages?

Depending on the types of products and services you offer, these pages could be individual items offered for sale.
For example: individual books, CDs, DVDs etc. individual properties for sale.

Why individual product pages?

In some cases it may be possible to list all products in a particular category on one page.
However, by creating a separate web page for each individual item, every page can be highly optimised for that particular item's keywords.
As we can never fully predict what someone will type in to a Google search, by having as many separate pages as possible, the widest range of keyword phrases can be targeted.

Part Three: Creating content

What if you only offer one service?

If you do not have the luxury of hundreds of individual products, but even if you do, you should create additional content pages related in some way to your services.
Single page websites never achieve good results.
every website has a theme that can be expanded...
...and become a resource other webmasters link to.

You must create a resource:

Other webmasters will link to your website only if it provides a resource for their visitors.
Visitors will click on, and just as importantly, re-visit your website only if it provides something they find useful.
A useful resource will generally go beyond a basic list of your products.
Any website can become a resource.

Current project examples: - is a Beatles hotel and themed apartment booking service for Liverpool visitors.
Essentially, only a booking form is needed... but...
The website is marketed as a guide to The Beatles attractions in and around Liverpool.
Example content page titles:
The Beatles Story Museum Liverpool
The Cavern Club Mathew Street Liverpool - is a hotel apartment booking service for Liverpool visitors.
Essentially, only a booking form is needed... but...
The website will be marketed as business events guide for Merseyside.
Anyone can register and add their business event.
Includes bi-weekly events newsletter email. - home based Wilmslow, Cheshire childminder, with one current vacancy place.
Essentially, that is the entire message...
The website is marketed as resource for parents and childcare professionals.
Website includes a childcare Q&A, Ofsted and EYFS rules regulations and policies, and a childcare daily blog.

A quick word about Wordpress blogs:

Google loves websites that are constantly updated with new information, and will learn to revisit more often if it keeps finding new content.
Google loves Wordpress blogs, as the system has been designed by webmasters for that purpose.
If your website has nothing more, always include a blog, and keep it fresh. Turn your blog into a must see resource for your chosen field of expertise.

One important note about blogs: host the blog in your own webspace, under your own domain name. Creating a blog on an external system is possible but adds content to their website, and not your own.

SEO Web Seminar
Thank you
Simon Robinson - April 2010

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