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SEO Seminar Presentation - June 1st 2010

SEO Web Seminar
June 1st 2010
The Vernon Arms

Improve Google Ranking with Hypertext Links

Inbound links...

Are the only way to improve your Google Ranking.
The most important part of any web page is the text within links pointing at that page.
If you learn nothing else from this presentation, remember the importance of inbound link anchor text.

Part one: What is a Link?

A link is an area of web page that activates a process when clicked, the most common of which is opening a new web page.
Links can be created several ways, using simple text, images, flash animations, web form buttons...
Text links appear as underlined sections of text.
Only basic text links have any real search engine ranking value.

Why hypertext links:

The world wide web was created with the invention of the hypertext link.
Prior to this, lots of information was available via the internet, but was difficult to access, and resources were impossible to navigate between.
With links, readers can quickly navigate to any section of any resource with a simple click.
So called Non-Linear Navigation.

Non-Linear Navigation:

Users can move from any document to any other on the world wide web - with one click.

none linear web navigation with hypertext links

Part Two: Why Link?

Which pages are most important:

The world wide web was conceived as a system for academics to post scientific papers and share information.
An important aspect of scientific writing is citing references to prove the information.
Hypertext links make instant referencing possible, and also pointed to a way of deciding which web pages are the most important.

Pages cited most are important:

Counting the number of times a web page is cited by hypertext link, became a simple way to decide relative importance.

the number of inbound hypertext links determines search engine ranking

Number of links is important:

Although there are other factors involved, Google Page Rank is still a measure of the total number of inbound links to a web page.

google page rank shows relative importance of web pages via the number of inbound links

Ensuring a web page has lots of inbound links from other pages creates a strong web presence.

Part Three: The Good, The Bad, & The Useless

There are no bad inbound links:

No matter what type of website links to you...
xyzxyz xyz sales... enter your bank details... win a million... nasty downloads 'r' us... This will not adversely affect your ranking.
If search engines allowed bad links to affect the receiver, the web would turn to chaos as millions of nasty web pages would attack the opposition.

But don't link out to these sites from your own!

But some links are useless:

Image links send no context, even with alt tags.
JavaScript or other types of code which re-direct clicks via a secondary page carry no value.
Links with irrelevant anchor text such as 'click here' or 'home page' send no context to the receiving page.
Links containing a 'no follow' code will not be read by search engines.

Creating a good link:

Only text links have any real search engine power.
Links should use the most important keywords contained within the page they link to.
Inbound links should use your main site keywords as Anchor Text: Liverpool SEO Web Design
It is vital to link to your own home page using your most important website keywords rather than a link simply saying 'home'.

Creating powerful links:

Anchor Text is always the most important factor.

But any link has the potential to add ranking...

Internal links are vital:

Following these basic principles within your own website will maximise your total website ranking.
Ensure every single one of your web pages has a basic keyword rich text link pointing at it.
Create additional cross links within paragraphs of text to your most important pages.
Create additional home page links from pages showing Google Page Rank.

Part Four: Finding Link Partners

Your website needs links:

The total number of inbound links to a website will affect its search engine position.
Any link, from any web page will potentially have a positive effect on page rank.
Take every opportunity to gain inbound links.
Please link to with our main keywords: Liverpool SEO Web Designs.

Take every linking opportunity:

Friends, family and colleagues. If they have a website, ask them to link to you.
The companies you do business with directly are always your best source of links. Their websites will generally have a similar or complimentary theme to yours.
Every business conversation should include a request for them to provide a link.

The number of links required for a number one position for most small business websites offering local services, like most of us...
10, 15, 20, 30... or so inbound links, depending on how competitive the search term is.

Link exchange / reciprocal links:

Many websites are actively looking for link partners, including every website we administer.
Some require a form to be filled in, others need a link to their site and an email to confirm your link.
In many cases webmasters will provide links even if they are not actively looking for link exchange.
Send prospective websites an email telling them the benefits of a link and what resources you offer.

Example link request email:

Hello Webmaster,
We are trying to find out how to obtain a website listing on your website at

We have recently launched a new website, on the subject of Liverpool hotels and serviced apartments for business visitors at

We are looking to exchange links with related websites, obviously yours is an ideal one to swap links with, already having links to lots of other accommodation websites. We can also provide you with a link from:

Here is the info for our link:
Link name: Liverpool Business Hotels and Accommodation
Description: Merseyside hotel and serviced apartment booking service

Some reciprocal link problems:

Link exchange got a bad press, completely unjustified, as link exchange works!
Education, most people are unaware of the benefits to their websites of inbound links.
Some people have a stated policy of only linking out to certain types of websites, so they do not dilute their message...
Which simply restricts who will link to them!

How can we check inbound links:

On Google and other search engines, search for:
Or use:
Google Webmaster Tools link checker
Alexa site info

Link boost to maximise power:

The higher the ranking a web page has, the more power it will send to those pages it links to.

Once you have obtained an inbound link, it is important to maximise its power.
For example, link to that exact page from a blog.
You may even wish to create an external blog for the purpose of link boosting.
Add social bookmarking links to the page from places like

SEO Web Seminar
Thank you
Simon Robinson - June 2010

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