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There many factors must be addressed to make your pages capable of ranking well for your chosen keywords. However, you should always create pages for human users firstly, which will naturally be search engine friendly. The main on-page SEO consideration is creating pages full of unique content. Search engines employ algorithms to determine which of the vast number of pages on the world wide web has unique content. For this reason you must write pages which are interesting and encourage users and search engines to come back regularly. The more pages you have on your site with relevant, unique and useful content, the more chances one of your pages will appear for a search related to your site's theme. If your site content changes regularly, for example by adding new pages on a weekly basis, then your site will encourage regular search engine indexing.

You must also ensure your pages are constructed correctly. Pages must be well formed, without HTML mistakes, and contain the correct Doctype and character encoding to allow W3C validation. Each page must have a unique keyword rich title tag and meta description, which are the main elements listed by the search engines when your page is displayed in their search results. Your page name URLs and directory structure must be simple, logical and contain relevant descriptive keywords to encourage users to click on them, without being overly complicated with too many directory levels or have having variables appended on to the URL. You must create text links to every one of your pages, or at the very least include HTML sitemaps which the search engine spiders and robots can follow to reach every page on your site. You must think in terms of a tiered structure for both the on page header tags and for the way your pages relate to each other. Some sites employ no-follow tags to guide the robots through the site in an effort to sculpt the page rank values and concentrate the relevance to the main pages on the site. All images must have alt description tags, and it is also good practice to give images height and width attributes, which will also allow the page to load faster.

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If you have an existing web site: following your free on-page SEO web site appraisal, we can either:

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