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Once your site is created, and the on-page SEO is taken care of, your next task is addressing the off page factors. Specifically this means gaining links pointing at your pages, with relevant and specific anchor text.

All web sites should be submitted to search engines as the first task of off-page SEO, although if you have created some good inbound links the search engines will also find your site naturally. Once submitted to Google etc., and once the search engine finds links to your site from other sources, the search engine spiders and robots will regularly come back to check your site and re-index any new content. An ongoing process of creating new pages, part of your on-page SEO will ensure the search engines come back often to index your new content.

Search engines, to a large extent, rank pages based on the number and type of links that point at a site. If the link comes from an already highly ranked page, which also contains useful, relevant and complimentary content to your site, the link will give your search engine presence a much needed boost. The more inbound links of this type you gain, the better your search engine presence. To a large extent this is still done with link exchange. You can only expect a webmaster to give you a link if they are getting something in return. Do not be afraid to swap links with your direct competitors, as these sites will usually have the most relevant content.

Another type of link comes from directories. Directories are simply web sites designed as lists of other web sites. You must submit your web site to as many directories as possible. There is a directory for every different category of web site, and you should submit to every category you think you may get listed. There are also local business directories, which are often run on a not for profit basis by enthusiastic individuals. Additionally there are the major directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo which give an excellent boost to your site if you manage to get it listed here.

Off site blogs and article submissions can be a good way to control exactly how your links appear. As you control the content and links, you can direct this to gain the maximum from each submission.

The new place to obtain links is via social bookmarking. Social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon and Delicious rely on users finding new sites and bookmarking them online. Regularly submitting your links to site such as these will increase the chances of your links being found. Once your site begins gaining bookmarks from your users, this is the equivalent of word of mouth advertising.

One additional promotion method that has emerged over the last few years is social networking. Whilst this has a minimal effect on your search engine presence due to the no-follow tags, if you can gain many followers on twitter for example, you can pass your company message out to people you would not have otherwise reached.

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