SEO optimisation report for Occasions Catering Liverpool
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SEO Web site report Occasions Catering

The web site problem:

Despite a stylish and modern looking web site, the site has never generated sufficient bookings or even enough hits to justify its running costs. In the previous 12 months, the hits on the site had gone down from around 1000 per month, to less than 200 a month. The website itself had many of the qualities needed to rank well for the required keywords, although the web pages were not optimised for search engines.

The reason:

The web site was not ranking well in searches for the main keywords and key phrases such as 'outside catering in Liverpool'. The site had no optimisation for local area searches, although did appear in some local searches. The site did not immediately say 'quality catering in Liverpool' to the viewer within the first 4 seconds of crucial 'stay or go' browse. Above all, there was no 'call to action'.

The solution:

Stage one is now completed. Following a free on-page SEO web site appraisal, and without changing the look of the site too much, the entire site was re-built to the latest design standards.

Changes included:

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