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Get a FREE SEO website appraisal report about your website

There are many on-page web design factors which can affect the search engine position and ranking of your pages. Your FREE on-page SEO Appraisal gives a percentage score based on how well your site is constructed from a search engine SEO point of view. Importantly the on-page search engine optimisation is entirely within your control.

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  1. Page content and keywords - does the text content of your site target all of the keywords and related phrases you could rank well for?
  2. Navigation and link structure - do you have keyword rich text links to every page on your site?
  3. URLs and directory structure - do you have static, keyword rich, directories and page URLs, and a tiered page structure?
  4. Page titles - are all of your page title tags unique? Do they succinctly describe the content and keywords of your page?
  5. Meta descriptions - the meta description must be unique and encourage viewers to click on your page in search results.
  6. Header tags - does every page have one header tag and a tiered structure of lower headers?
  7. Validation and Doctype - do your pages pass W3C validation tests?
  8. Images - do all of your images contain the required alt tags?
  9. Keyword highlighting - how have you shown the keywords contained within the main text content of your pages?
  10. Overall page design - are you using simple page structure, external style sheets, with no tables or any deprecated tags?

Please fill in our SEO contact form and we will contact you to schedule your FREE on-page SEO website appraisal report. Your report will give a percentage score based on the 10 factors shown above, and will highlight the areas you can improve your chances of high search engine rankings.

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