Free SEO Seminar in Liverpool, November 11th 2009
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Free Liverpool SEO Seminar - November 11th 2009

Date of next FREE SEO seminar: November 11th 2009 at 6.00pm.
Venue: Upstairs at The Ship and Mitre Pub, Dale Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK.

Speaker: Simon Robinson of seo web designs

Keywords and Links Seminar Itinerary:

Any Liverpool or Merseyside business owner can attend and enjoy a free complimentary glass of wine and learn more about SEO. Places at the event are limited. Please go to our contact us page and register your interest.

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Main topics to be covered at this event are keywords and links.

Choosing the right keyword is a little more than describing the services provided. How do website visitors search for a company? Will they search for the same keywords as described by you, or are people a little more unpredictable? There are several free tools on the internet that can provide information about any chosen keywords, and show the variations and actual searches people conduct. You may be surprised at just what keywords and phrases people use. By learning how to choose the best keywords you can maximise the number of searches for which they rank well.

How do webmasters make sure all keywords are picked up by the search engines? Surprisingly, it is the text in the links that point at web pages that determine more than anything else the keywords that any particular page will rank well for. By getting your internal link structure correct, with good anchor text found in context, the search engine position and ranking of all pages can be maximised.

There will be an on the night linking exercise, to encourage all attendees to begin their new SEO strategy.

At the end of this short seminar, attendees will have learned a little more about search engine positioning, and made the first steps towards improving their search engine position.

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